World of fruit

Terra Optima is a company founded in 2013 that nowadays has positioned itself as a local leader in modern fruit production. Possessing 104 hectares of agricultural land out of which are 60 hectares of apple orchard. A continual improvement process has also pushed us to build a cold storage facility with 2.500 tons capacity with ULO/DCA technology.


Company Development

Constant development is a precondition of any success. For us, development is not only expanding the number of trees, but expansion of the knowledge base and experience we gather on the way. For this reason, we give great importance to education of employees with the help of our expert associates from Serbia and Europe.

15 hectares

Terra Optima has started by 15 hectares of apple orchard.

24 hectares

In phase 2 we extended our orchard by another 24 hectares.

Cold storage

In 2020 we planted additional 21 hectares of apple orchard and built a cold storage facility of 2.500 tons capacity with ULO & DCA technology.

About us

Terra Optima is well recognized producer and exporter of premium quality fruit from Serbia. As a family company from the heart of Sumadija, the famous fruit growing area, cultivation of fruit was a logical step. Given the ambition and desire for the highest quality, as well as the untapped potential Serbian land, Terra Optima has developed a modern apple plantation using latest technology. From 2020 the company expanded by building a cold storage facility with ULO & DCA technology.

Apple orchard