Apple Orchard

Apple plantation is located in the region of Sokobanja in Southeastern Serbia. Beautiful nature, small industrial activity
and low population density make this environment very clean and healthy. The orchard has excellent geographical and geophysical conditions and provide opportunities for producing the best varieties of apples. The fact that the plantation is situated at 400 meters above the sea level distinguishes it from most modern plantations in Serbia. Relying on the technology of apple growing that is used in the most famous region of this activity in the world, South Tyrol, with anti-hail protection, anti-frost and irrigation systems, as well as reputable nursery trees, high quality is a assured.

Things to know

No. of trees

220.000 trees


104 ha


Granny Smith, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Gala, Red Delicious

Year of establishment

Founded in 2013

Trade agreements

Export to the EU market without customs duties, as well as 1% custom for export to Russian Federation


Total yield 3.000 tons


Red Delicious Mema® Mestar 2284(s)

For the first time in Serbia! Elegance and temperament. Coming in October.

Red Delicious Superchief® Sandidge

The intense red color draws its strength. Picked in October.

Golden Delicious Klon Reinders®

Sweet taste, originating from the Netherlands. Harvested in September.

Gala Schiniga

Very juicy, sweet and aromatic apple founded in Italy. Coming in mid- August.


Specific by exceptionally sweet taste and long life storage.
We expect it in the middle of October.

Granny Smith

Slightly acidic taste, coming from Australia. The harvest is in September.

Harvest Time


Apple orchard is located in Sokobanja in South-Eastern Serbia, 30 km from the highway and 2 hours from Belgrade. Such location provides easy roads, the water and air transport.

The hilly land structure and good soil quality make this region attractive for agricultural production. Sokobanja is also well known as rich in natural curative thermo mineral springs and gas. Pure mountain air and mild continental climate contribute to its popularity.