Quality Management System

Blessed with fertile soils and favorable climatic conditions, agriculture has always been an important part of the Serbian economy. The total area of land covered with fruit exceeds 310 thousand hectares.

Serbia has ideal climatic conditions for the growing of fruit. The countryís territory is rich in microclimates that are perfectly suited for fruit production making the development of this sector extremely promising. Its soil is still one of the cleanest in Europe, most of the fruit is grown in perfect conditions, hand picked and carefully stored and packaged. Serbian fruit cultivation, which places an emphasis on quality and flavor, contrasts with the large industrialized farms of the West. 

In Terra Optima we strive to implement consistency of the quality as the priority. For that reason we have developed the Quality Management System together with foreign and domestic experts on this area.


  • Land analysis
  • Selection of fruit varieties
  • Development of cultivation plan
  • Implementation of cultivation plan
  • Monitoring of pesticides 
  • Daily control of tree’s health 
  • Compliance with certificates (Global Gap)

Hand Picking

  • Analysis of fruit ripeness
  • Instruction guide for harvesting 
  • Compliance with certificates (Global Gap)

Delivery & Storage

  • Analysis of fruit shape 
  • Labeling to ensure traceability
  • Evaluation of quality in terms of storing possibilities
  • Allocation in right chambers

Sorting & Packaging

  • Analysing stock
  • Implementation of sorting guidelines based on fruit variety
  • Implementation of hygiene protocol
  • Labeling to insure traceability 
  • Final inspection before loading